Measy Mini PC Holder U2C-D

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Measy Mini PC Holder U2C-D





MEASY U2C-D is an android smart extented device .it can extend one USB host of Mini PC or tablet PC into four USB ports and one SD/MMC card port . then it makes a mini PC become a android box , and makes a tablet PC become a desktop computer 








HDMI interface support rotation 30. it is best to be 
used for the Mini PC which support built-in camera 






  • Power interface - Micro USB and DC 3.0
  • Input power - 5V/2A
  • USB ports - USB1, USB2, USB3
  • Card port - SD/MMC
  • USB male A cable - connect Mini PC USB female A,extended USB port and SD card holder
  • Mincro USB cable - connect Mini PC power port and supply power
  • HDMI interface of the holder - used for connecting the TV with HDMI cable
  • Rotating HDMI interface - used for connecting Mini PC
  • Power switch - yes

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